Owning Netra NFT is owning the famous song created by your favourite artist, and getting paid every time your song is streamed.

An ERC721 NFT that tokenizes music into a set of tokens that are divided into tiers in a single collection. Each NFT is representing a percentage share of music royalty, which is divided equally 50% to the artist and 50% to token holders.

The NFT itself can be listened to, just like you own a physical CD or cassette back in the old days.

Available to stream everywhere

Owning the NFT doesn't mean that only holders can listen to the song. Netra and artists (and you, holder!) will and should spread the music to as many ears as possible. The song itself will be available on major streaming services such as Spotify, Youtube, Tiktok, and Apple Music as soon as the minting opens to public.

The revenue from those streaming services will be distributed back to NFT holders respective to their percentage of royalty share.

Limited Edition

Every song on the Netra platform will be released in a limited number of NFTs and once they are released, there will be no other NFT with the same music ever again. This is guaranteed in the binding contract between Netra and the artist.


The first edition of Netra NFT by Dewa Budjana has different tiers, with each tier having different perks and different percentages of royalty share.

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Legend

Unique 1:1 Artwork

Starting from the 2nd edition of Netra NFT by Indra Lesmana, every song NFT has a unique 1:1 random artwork with a different rarity.

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