NTT & Token Airdrop

Netra Transitory Token (NTT) is a reward token for Netra NFT holders that can be exchanged for $NETRA token after Phase 2 with a fixed floor price of $0.002 USDC through our buy-back & burn mechanism.

$NTT can only be generated from holding Netra NFT. If there are a lot of requests to buy $NTT directly, the team will make NTT available for trading on Uniswap.

The amount of $NTT claimable by each wallet will be determined by 3 contributing factors:

  1. Total mint price The higher the mint price of total NFTs in a wallet, the more $NTT.

  2. Duration of NFT holding. The earlier a wallet holds Netra NFT, the more $NTT

  3. Whitelist minting Additional $NTT for whitelisted users who minted on the whitelist minting days.

In recap, holders who minted more NFTs and collected the earliest drops will get the most benefit of getting more $NTT that later on can be exchanged to $NETRA token.

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