Phase 1 - Bootstrap

In this phase, Netra founders are bootstrapping the platform and onboarding high profile music artists starting from Indonesia and expanding to other Asian countries like Malaysia & Japan.

Q1 2022

  • Netra launch √

  • Curated Decentralized Music (artists by invite only) √

  • Series of NFT Sales by prominent artists from Indonesia √

Q2 2022

We'll be adding more features in Q2 2022 and to keep the agility, these are the plans but changes are possible for us to be adaptive to what the market wants and evolve:

  • Streaming Royalty Distribution

  • Analytics

  • NFT For Concert

    • Ticket NFT

    • NFT Collectibles Merchandise from Events

  • NFT Marketplace

    • Auction scheme for 1:1 NFT

    • Fixed Price Sale

Q3 2022

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