Royalty Sharing

Royalty sharing will start 3 months after initial release date for each music. Every month there will be royalty sharing from streaming revenue available to claim in Netra dashboard.

The claimable royalty value depends on several factors:

  • How many times the song streamed from the streaming services like Spotify & Apple Music

  • How much value in $ per song stream that the streaming services paid us as owners of the song.

Royalty Split

50% royalty will be reserved for the artist who composed the song, and the other 50% will be split among the Netra NFT holders.

For example, if NFT #1 represents 1% of the total royalty share in that song and the total royalty paid from streaming is $100K on that month, it means that:

  • Artist will get 50% = $50K

  • All the NFT holders will get a total of 50% = $50K

  • NFT #1 holder will get 1% x $100K = $1000


Royalty share will be claimable by NFT holder in USDC.

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